Game of Thrones Season 5: 10 Reasons Why I’m Excited

Game of Thrones is set to begin its 5th season on April 13th here in the UK and, being a huge fan of both the books and the TV series, I’m extremely excited. The season 4 finale opened new doors for the characters, and gave viewers plenty new questions that they can’t wait to be answered. Here are the top 10 reasons why I’m looking forward to show’s return, and why you should be too.

1) A New Chapter for Arya

GoT Season 5 - Arya

The end of season 4 saw the youngest Stark girl leave Westeros behind as she set sail for the exotic lands of Braavos, where her skills are truly put to the test. I won’t spoil things for you, but I will say this – if you thought Arya was badass before, you haven’t seen anything yet.

2) Varys’ Plans for Tyrion

GoT Season 5 - Tyrion

Fans all over the world were left stunned with excitement when the season 5 trailer seemed to hint that Tyrion would be crossing paths with none other than Daenerys Targaryen. With Varys being involved, we can’t really be 100% sure, but the possibility alone is enough to make me want to tune in.

3) Sansa Joins the Game

GoT Season 5 - Sansa

We saw a new, darker side of Sansa emerge towards the end of season 4, following her escape from King’s Landing. I can’t really say that this is much of a shock after everything that she’s been put through, but I can say that I’m intrigued to see where this new change of character takes her this season. We can bet on Littlefinger being involved big time.

4) Cersei’s Downfall

GoT Season 5 - Cersei

Bad blood has been brewing between the Queen Regent and the young queen-to-be, Margaery Tyrell, since the latter’s engagement to Joffrey Baratheon. However, the feud reached an all time high in season 4, and isn’t set to slow down anytime soon in season 5, as characters such as the High Sparrow are thrown into the mix. This is one plot line that you simply cannot miss.

5) The Sand Snakes of Dorne

GoT Season 5 - Obara

This upcoming season will finally see the introduction of Dorne – home to the powerful house Martell. The promise of a completely new land may be enough to excite plenty of fans out there, but what I’m really looking forward to is seeing Oberyn Martell’s daughters, otherwise known as the ‘Sand Snakes’ finally brought to life. Fierce isn’t even the word.

6) What Happened to Myrcella?

GoT Season 5 - Myrcella

As we travel to Dorne, the Sand Snakes aren’t the only characters to be looking forward to, with Myrcella Baratheon finally set to reappear. You may remember her being shipped off to Dorne early in season 2, only ever making minor appearances before this. However, things are about to change in season 5, with Myrcella set to take on a much bigger role than before.

7) A Question of Loyalty on the Wall

GoT Season 5 - Jon Snow

We last saw Jon Snow at the wall, accompanied by a claimant to the Iron Throne – Stannnis Baratheon – as they joined forces to defeat Mance Raider’s wildling army. While the victory was tremendous and the wall is seemingly without any threats, expect to see lots of tension build between Jon Snow and Stannis, as the politically neutral stance of the Night’s Watch clashes with Stannis’ quest to win the throne.

8) Tywin’s Lingering Presence

GoT Season 5 - Tywin

Possibly one of the biggest shocks of season 4 was the death of Tywin Lannister at the hands of his youngest child – Tyrion. Despite this dramatic turn of events, Charles Dance, who played Tywin, has revealed that he will be returning for a non-flashback scene in season 5. Although this is likely nothing more than his character’s funeral, the announcement did raise the question “will Tywin’s death continue to take its toll on characters during season 5?” My guess is yes, it will.

9) Ramsay Takes Repulsive to a New Level

GoT Season 5 - Ramsay

It may be fair to say that Ramsay Bolton, is the most despised character in the whole of Game of Thrones. While most fans have their own reasons for disliking certain characters, his savage, cruel actions have made it impossible to not to do so. Earning back these fans doesn’t seem to be on his agenda in season 5, where he will continue to be every bit of the cold-blooded villain he is.

10) Westeros is Still on Dany’s Mind

Got Season 5 - Daenerys

Daenerys may have left many fans shocked last season when she decided to remain in Meereen and rule, rather than continue with her plans to invade Westeros. It seems Mother of Dragons will not hold herself back for long, however, as hints of her long awaited journey to Westeros are being dropped left, right and centre. New allies, new tactics and, of course, dragons, may finally see Daenerys stake her claim to the Iron Throne and fight to win back what was taken from her family so many years before.

So, will you be tuning in for what is bound to be another great season from Game of Thrones?

What are you most looking forward to as the show makes its return?

Let me know in the comments below!