Spring Essential: The Rain Mac

With April showers soon to be on their way, its time that you prepared yourself with some spring essentials – and what better place to start than with a classic rain coat? With various styles and retailers out there, here’s all you need to know when shopping for this much needed piece.


1) Classic

Classic Black Classic Blue

           Classic Yellow Classic Navy

Following the rain mac’s return to the world of fashion last year, classic colours and styles led the comeback. With the trend still going strong now in SS15, these classic styles carry a sort of retro-old school feel that will fit nicely into any wardrobe and allows you to wear the jacket for seasons to come and still look cool, even when other trends take its place on the runway. For a truly retro style, go for one with a matte finish in either yellow, blue or black, or experiment with different colours and high-shine textures for a look that may be better suited to your own personal style.

2) Printed

               Printed Blue Printed Khaki

 Printed StarsPrinted Space

Prints have been huge in men’s fashion recently, from aztec to space-print to florals, each season finds a new pattern dominating the runways. Over the past few seasons, the rain mac has been one of the first pieces to receive the new print treatment, SS15 being no exception. These particular jackets are designed to make a statement, and will do so best when paired with neutral pieces, allowing them to stand out.

3) Transparent

Transparent Black Transparent Blue

Transparent Clear

A much more modern and edgy take on the classic rain mac, transparent variations have popped in tons of different stores, and are a great way of adding some individuality to your outfits. Fully clear styles can work both as a statement piece when worn with neutral tones, or can be the perfect way to showcase a show-stopping shirt, jumper etc. whilst still keeping dry. Tinted rain macs don’t carry the same flexibility, but are even more eye-catching, and look great with different shades of the jacket’s colour. Topman are really the place to go to for these, with a small collection of transparent and semi-transparent choices just waiting for you.

Things to Remember

1) There are two different types of rain macs out there: quality ones that are meant to last, and cheaper ones that are made for short use and meant to be disposed of afterwards. If you’re looking for protection from the rain for the whole season, you want the first kind, whereas if you’re looking for an easy way to stay dry at a camping trip or a festival, the second kind may be more what you’re after.

2) Something that needs to be kept in mind more concerning chunkier, clear jackets – plastic scratches. This may sound a bit silly, but it is important to remember to be careful with these kinds of jackets as scratches show up quite badly and can easily ruin the jacket’s polished, modern style.

3) Unlike other jackets, rain macs are there first and foremost to protect you from the rain, not to keep you warm. Because of this, you’ll find yourself wearing at least a few layers underneath it, and need to make sure that your jacket will fit over these. If you have any doubts about whether it will or won’t, you may want to try it on in store or consider ordering one size bigger than you usually would.

So, what kind of rain mac will you be hiding under when the rain hits this spring?

What other rainy-day items would you consider ‘spring essentials’?

Let me know in the comments below!


Spectacular Spectacles: Which Sunglasses Should You Be Wearing This Summer?

With SS15 finally here, I myself cannot help but look forward to what will hopefully be a warm summer, and I’m sure there are plenty of you out there in the same boat. However, with our daydreams soon to become reality, it is time that we began investing in some summer fashion essentials, starting with the perfect pair of sunglasses! With countless shapes and styles, which should you go for this season?


1) Wayfarers

Wayfarer Black Wayfarer Clear

     Wayfarer Green   Wayfarer Tortoiseshell

Since they were first introduced over 50 years ago, the Wayfarers have become the most popular style of sunglasses out there. Available in pretty much any colour you can think of, these glasses along with their classic style will fit easily into any wardrobe. While they do suit most, disregard what you heard about Wayfarers suiting all face types. Their lenses are slightly smaller than those of other styles, and, because of this, I wouldn’t recommend them to those of you with oblong shaped faces as they may make your features look too small, throwing off the overall balance of your face.

2) Aviators

Aviators Black   Aviators Bronze

 Aviators Gold  Aviators Blue Tint

A close second to the Wayfarers in terms of popularity, the Aviators offer the same classic style with an added vintage twist. Their teardrop shaped lenses are best suited to those of you with square, diamond or oval shaped faces, whereas those with diamond and round faces are best suited to something else. With their frames usually made out of metal, I’d recommend sticking to classic colours such as black or silver. However, feel free to experiment with the colour of the lenses when looking for a pair to fit your style.

3) Round Lens

Round Black Green Round Silver

Round Silver 2   Round Tortoiseshell

Quirky, retro and stylish, round lens sunglasses are bang-on trend right now, with the fashion of the ’70s making a huge comeback. As for which face types should be wearing these glasses, the same rules apply as with the Aviators. Whether you go for a classic pair, or one of the more modern variations that are out there right now, these glasses are bound to add personality to your looks this summer.

4) Square Lens

Square Black 1 Square Black 2

  Square Black 3 Square Grey

Perhaps the most under-appreciated style of glasses here, square lens sunglasses are not very common, but, worn right, can look amazing. Their square-shape give them a look that’s both retro yet modern, and that is perfect for those of you with rounder faces, as the sharp angles provide the face with some balance. To match the feel of the glasses, avoid shades of brown and muted colours, and go for something sleek like black, grey, navy etc. or something in a bright shade.

Things to Remember

1) Try Before You Buy: You should always try on a pair of sunglasses in store before you buy them. There’s no certain way of telling whether you like them or not when buying online, and certain is exactly what you want to be before buying.

2) Oval Faces Need Not Worry: People with oval-shapes faces are very lucky when it comes to sunglasses as their face shape suits pretty much every shape of glasses out there. However, they should be wary if buying Aviators – go for a pair that doesn’t droop too low as you’ll risk making your face look too long

3) (Almost) Every Rule Has It’s Exceptions: If you see a pair of glasses that you love, but your face type isn’t recommended for them, don’t feel as if you can’t wear them. All the things said here are nothing more than suggestions. Find them in store, try them on, and decide for yourself whether they suit you or not. After all, fashion is all about self-expression and what you feel comfortable in.

4) Don’t Limit Yourself: If you like two different pairs, but can’t decide which style you like better or which one is better suited to your style, there’s nothing wrong with buying both. Feel free to invest in as many different styles as you like.

5) Designer Sunglasses May Be Worth It: Although this article, like most on this blog, focuses on highstreet products, it may be worth investing in a pair of designer sunglasses. They’re more expensive but are likely to last you a while longer.

6) Sports Glasses and Novelty Glasses Are a No: This is one rule that has no exceptions. Keep your sports glasses for sports and your novelty glasses for stag-do’s, hen nights etc. Neither should be worn as your everyday glasses, unless your goal is to look ridiculous.

So, which type of sunglasses will you be wearing this summer?

Have any other tips to remember when buying sunglasses?

Let me know in the comments below!

Sports Luxe Vs. ’70s Comeback: Which Trend Will You Be Sporting This Season?

Last years runways saw tons of different trends take centre stage, showing us that SS15 would be a season to remember. With its polished yet laid-back style, the presence of Sports Luxe continued to be felt in big-name collections such as Burberry Prorsum, whilst the psychedelic prints of the 1970s comeback dominated runways from the likes of Topman Design to Saint Laurent. With both set to be huge, which is the trend for you this season?

Sports Luxe

A trend that has been prevalent in men’s fashion since back in 2012, Sports Luxe continues to live on both on the runway and the highstreet. This look is extremely easy to pull off, and gives an effortless, stylish vibe to your outfit that can work perfectly for both your casual and formal attire.

Casual Style

CSL Backpack      CSL Joggers

CSL Sweatshirt CSL Trainers

Adding a hint of Sports Luxe into your casual wear is simple. Replace your old pair of jeans with a pair slimline joggers, or swap out your favourite jumper for a sleek sweatshirt. The bomber jacket also fits perfectly into this trend, and, with it also being this season’s must-have piece, it is definitely a good idea to pick one up if you haven’t already. Trainers are an obvious essential with this look, and a cool, fashion forward pair are the key to Sports Luxe success this season. Finally, invest in a back pack with a minimalist design for anything you might need to carry around. Although these items are most commonly found in block colours such as back, grey and navy, don’t be afraid to mix things up this season with brighter shades and stand-out prints. Scuba and leather-look pieces will also allow you to put an SS15 twist on this trend without stepping too far away from its urban appeal.

Formal Wear

FSL Jacket FSL Trousers

        FSL Trainers

Finding a way to incorporate Sports Luxe into your formal wear is much more difficult as most pieces are associated with casual, street style. However, it can be done. Ditch your usual formal footwear and pair your favourite slim-fit suit with a pair of crisp, all-white trainers to add an urban-dapper look, similar to that of Nick Jonas.

The ’70s

From the fringe-filled, floral fashion of hippie culture, to the leather covered rise of the punk-rockers, the 1970s were full of different styles and trends, all of which are back in men’s fashion this season, just waiting for you to add them to your wardrobe.

Casual Style

CSC Flares       CSC Suede Jacket

        CSC ShirtCSC Glasses

Unless you want your outfit to end up looking like a fancy-dress hippie costume, try not to go all-out with the ’70s inspired look, keeping to no more than a few pieces per outfit for a look that channels the decade without fully replicating it. For example, swap out your regular, slim-fit shirt for a baggier alternative in a psychedelic print, or keep the slim-fit pieces on the top half and match them with a daring pair of flared jeans for an authentic ’70s feel. A fringed, suede piece could easily replace your trusty leather or denim jacket this season for the same effect. Let a pair of John Lennon-esque sunglasses be the crown jewel of your ’70s look as you enjoy the sun later this SS15.

Formal Wear

FCS Zig Zag Shirt FCS Blue Flares

FSC Mint Flares FCS Twig Shirt

70s influence is probably best added to your formal style in small parts, especially at work where you want to dress stylish but not too over the top. The easiest way to do this is by pairing your regular suit with a wide-collared shirt, and by trying out earthy or pastel colour schemes. Flared, smart trousers could also be used to channel the decade in your formal wear, but are a lot more of a risk. If you are brave enough to try a pair however, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit slim to prevent a costume-like look that throws off your body proportions. Topman is undoubtedly the place to go this season when looking to pull this look off, with their Topman Design range being inspired by the ’70s and ’90s.

So, which trend are we more likely to see you in this season?

How will you be fitting it into your wardrobe?

Let me know in the comments below!

Essential Attire: The Foundations of a Perfect Wardrobe

As the new SS season gets under way, fashion-forward fellows all across the country are adding last minute pieces to their spring wardrobes, and, while the new, in-trend pieces may be what steal the show, their outfits could not survive without these essential pieces.

1) Timeless Tees

T-Shirt Grey V-Neck T-Shirt White Slim

T-Shirt White V-Neck   T-Shirt Black

Crew-neck or V-neck, slim-fit or regular, the plain, short sleeve tee is a must for men everywhere. The options are endless; take a laidback approach and keep it on its own, dress it up with a blazer for something more semi-formal, or layer it up with your favourite shirts, jackets and knitwear. Invest in colours such as white, grey and black for a selection that will still work for years after purchase.

2) The Statement Jacket

Denim Jacket Dark Denim Jacket Light

Leather Biker Jacket Leather Jacket

Whether you go for leather, denim, or both, a statement jacket of at least one sort needs a place in your wardrobe. Both pieces simply ooze personality and either one will work perfectly as a cherry-on-top for any outfit. Fit is key with both types; your jacket should be snug, making nothing but straight lines – if it drapes and creases then the fit is not right. Finally, make sure the sleeves are not too long and, to ensure it survives the trends of countless seasons to come, go for a classic colour.

3) Dependable Denim

Jeans Light Blue Tapered

Jeans Mid Slim  Jeans Mid Blue Spray On Skinny

An undeniable essential, there is no excuse for not having a signature pair of jeans in your wardrobe. There are tons of different jeans out there – from loose-fit to spray-on skinny, you should go for whatever type best suits your style and body type. Each and every style has the potential to look great, however, in order for them to fulfil their potential, there are a few things you should remember: body type is key – anything looser than slim-fit or tapered on someone with really skinny legs will look off, and anything tighter than those on someone with larger hips/legs will not work either; belts should only ever be worn as an accessory – if your jeans fit you right then you will not need one; and, again, you should keep to classic colours – you cannot go wrong with a pair of blue jeans, however, a black or grey pair could work just as well.

4) Your Favourite Jumper

Knitwear Blue Cardigan Knitwear Grey Cable Jumper

Knitwear Maroon Black Jumper  Knitwear Stone Ribbed Jumper

Cosy and comforting, a reliable jumper may not be everybody’s first thought when they hear the phrase ‘wardrobe essentials’, but their versatility and all-year-round appeal make them a much-needed addition to your closet. Unlike other essential items, there are not really any rules with knitwear, and there are probably more choices here than with any other piece here. From easy to dress-up  V-neck and crew-neck sweaters, to casual, chunky cable-knits the choice is completely down to you. I myself like to keep my wardrobe stocked with a few different pieces, button-up cardigans being a personal favourite, and I advise you to do the same. Again, when looking for pieces that will survive ever-changing trends, opt for neutral colours, with ones such as grey, navy, maroon and beige working best.

5) Calm, Casual Kicks

Shoes Navy Trainers Shoes Suede Brogues

Shoes Suede Loafers  Shoes White Trainers

The perfect pair of shoes can easily take your outfit from fairly forgettable to outright perfection! Because of this, no man’s wardrobe should be without a pair of stylish, casual footwear. The more semi-formal dressers out there might want to invest in a pair of loafers or suede brogues, whereas trainers, plimsolls and espadrilles work perfectly for a more laidback style. When looking for casual shoes, go for something that is comfortable, and try to avoid patterns or bright colours for long lasting style.

So, which one of these pieces do you get the most use out of?

Are there any others that you think should be classes as ‘wardrobe essentials’?

Let me know in the comments below!

SS15 Key Piece: The Bomber Jacket

Over the last few years, the bomber jacket has become somewhat of a staple of men’s fashion. From the catwalks to the highstreet, they’re pretty much everywhere, and  they will continue to be this SS15. But, what type of bomber jacket should you be rocking this season? Let’s take a look at the options…

1) The Classic Bomber

Classic Bomber Blue

Classic Bomber Red Classic Bomber White

Although now a bit common, the classic bomber jacket remains a stylish and versatile addition to any wardrobe. Its sleek, adaptable design has kept it in style these past few seasons and SS15 promises that they won’t be heading anywhere anytime soon. Often found in neutral colours such as black, navy etc. , they can complement nearly any outfit and are great for pretty much all occasions. Embrace SS15 even more, and get yourself a classic bomber in one of this season’s top colours.

2) The Printed Bomber

Patterned Bomber Patwork  Patterned Bomber Floral

 Jersey Bomber Print

If you’re looking for something a little less-safe than the classic bomber, then look no further. With everything from florals to camouflage, you will have no trouble finding a bomber jacket with a pattern to match your look. Try an all-over print if you want to make a big statement, or keep the madness to just the sleeves or body for something that’s still fun but doesn’t draw too much attention.

3) The Jersey Bomber

Jersey Bomber Navy 

Jersey Bomber Texture Patterned Bomber Palm Trees

Casual and comfortable, the last type of bomber jacket on this list keeps the same stylish design as a regular bomber, but mixes it with the same warmth and coziness of your favourite hoodie or sweatshirt. Available both in classic colours and exciting prints, the jersey bomber is the go-to jacket for this season’s more chilly days, and will easily give your casual style a much more fashionable edge.

Where to Buy:


ASOS probably offer more bomber jackets right now than any other retailer and do so in a range of different colours and fabrics, with quite a few prints too. Their prices are as expected, starting at around £38 for a regular bomber and £20 for a jersey one. I bought myself a reversible bomber from ASOS a while back – it looks amazing, its extremely comfortable and the quality is amazing. The service was also great, with quick delivery and an extremely easy way to return any unwanted items. If their current range is anything similar then I would definitely recommend them.


Topman do not offer as many colours as ASOS do and only a few prints but some of their prices are better, with their classic grey bomber currently only £30. On top of that, they offer an obvious advantage  over ASOS, with customers being able to visit the store and try on the jacket before they decide to purchase it. As with most products at Topman, these bombers seem to be of high quality and their reviews say the same thing.


With prices ranging from around £40-£60, Zara’s selection of bomber jackets are a bit more expensive than those at ASOS and Topman. However, they may well be worth the extra price, with a range of prints not found at any other retailer and various different textures from faux leather and suede to satin. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with your bomber, then Zara may well be the place to go.

So, will we see you sporting a bomber jacket this season?

Which jacket type/retailer would you recommend?

Let me know in the comments below!

SS15: 5 Colours Your Wardrobe Needs

As we finally near the end of what was a fashion-filled winter, it’ll soon be time to ditch the scarves and woolly jumpers, and crack out this year’s spring-summer colours. But what are they?

1. Paint the Town Red 

From bright scarlet jackets to wine-coloured suits, red dominated the SS15 runways in every way and shade possible. Whether you opt for a more bold, vibrant hue or something a bit darker and richer, red is the go-to colour for anyone looking to make a statement this season. Keep things casual with a pair of fun chino shorts or this burgundy, jersey bomber jacket, however, if you’re looking to go a bit more formal, try this deep-red oxford shirt, or these unmissable tartan trousers.

Red Chino Shorts   Deep Red Shirt

Burgundy Bomber Jacket       Red Tartan Trousers

Unless, like David Oyelowo, you plan on rocking a sharp, red suit this season, I’d recommend limiting this colour to one item per outfit, especially with big, attention-grabbing pieces like jackets and trousers. However, if your outfit only has hints of red (e.g. part of a print on a shirt), feel free to highlight these details with accessories. Play it safe with a red neck-tie or a pair of dark, burgundy brogues, or, if you really want to stand-out, invest in a pair of vivid, suede loafers or a smart pork pie hat.

Red Tie   Maroon shoes

Red Loafers   Pork Pie Hat

 2. All White Everything

Continuing its reign from AW14, head-to-toe white is set to be just as big this season as more and more stores and designers tackle the trend in more and more ways. Great examples of this include this sleek, white biker jacket  and this unique, embossed backpack. However, as the trend carries on into SS15, we do see one main difference to last season, as creamier shades are brought into the mix. This is good news for those of you out there with paler skin-tones that maybe didn’t try the all-white look last season in fear of it washing you out. If that’s the case, then I’d recommend this off-white, ribbed jumper from and these ecru, denim dungarees.

White Backpack White Biker Jacket

White Jumper   White Dungarees

Unlike red, with this colour less certainly isn’t more. In fact, the more white you add into an outfit, the more of a statement you’ll make. For a look that’s both cool and fashionable, team a pair of white, skinny jeans with an ivory bomber jacket and your favourite pair of all-white trainers. accessorize perfectly with a white, minimalist watch to complete the look.

White Air Force White Bomber Jacket

White Jeans White Watch

3. Forest Green With Envy

That’s exactly how you’ll have people feeling this season if you find a way to add this rich shade to your outfits. This colour is everywhere this SS15, working great both on its own and as a part of a pattern to give you a fun, exciting look perfect for summer! Just like with the red, River Island currently have a great pair of chino shorts in this shade, and this floral shirt from Topman offers a formal twist that could easily jazz up your casual looks. Want to introduce your feet to this new trend? You can’t go wrong with a pair of these suede Era 59 Vans. Their deep colour and classic design make them perfect for topping off your summer outfits. Finally, for those of you beach-bound this SS15, try these Tokyo Laundry tropical swim shorts for an effortless, stand-out look bound to turn some heads.

Green Shorts Green Shirt

Green Vans   Green Floral Shorts

Although this colour is perfect for, and likely to be huge, this summer, that certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t find a way to add it to your post-winter/spring wardrobe, with looks such as this oversized sweatshirt, acid-wash denim shirt and this slightly faded bomber jacket all providing that extra bit of warmth along with a look that’s edgy and modern. These green, leather Dr Marten boots also give the same grungy look, and will come in handy when trying to walk in those inevitable spring showers.

Dark Green Bomber Dark Green Denim Shirt

Dark Green Dr Martens Dark Green Sweatshirt

4. The Dawn of Dusk Blue 

SS15 greets us with a colour that most people, myself included, probably haven’t seen much of before, especially in men’s fashion. Despite this, its predicted to be huge this year, with most stores already filling their shelves with everything from Dusk Blue jackets to socks. This shade of blue isn’t very bright but is quite unusual and therefore still draws a bit of attention, making it perfect for adding a pop of colour to your outfit without completely taking away from all its other components. Zara currently have a great jacket that is designed in a way that not only allows you to add colour to your outfit without hijacking it, but to do the same with its patchwork pattern. Another fantastic piece is this mixed knit jumper from Topman, which works great for both layering and wearing alone. H&M have also got in on the trend, and these skinny fit, twill trousers are a great piece that can not only act as the key to any casual look, but can be easily dressed up with a matching shirt and your favourite pair of smart shoes for any formal events you have on the calendar.


Dusk Blue Jumper      

Dusk Blue Bomber

Of all the SS15 colours, this is one of the most easily adaptable, and there are ways to fit it into wardrobes of all different styles. ASOS currently carry quite a few shirts with Dusk Blue patterns, ranging in style and pattern from casual, florals to dressier, chevron prints. Don’t be surprised if you also see this colour pop up when shopping in summer, with items such as these Burton shorts already in stores, we can be sure that the (hopefully) warm weather will help plenty more items like these find their way onto the highstreet. Again, this is a trend that your feet can also take part in, with sun-ready footwear such as these classic Toms just waiting for you to take them home.

Dusk Blue Chevron Shirt  Dusk Blue Toms   

Dusk Blue Shorts  Dusk Blue Flower Shirt

5. A Hint of Lavender 

Purple is a colour that we see far, far too little of in men’s fashion and it’s great to see a shade of it amongst the trends for SS15. As with Dusk Blue, Lavender is a colour that can be easily adapted for any style or event. You can add a purple twist to your formal wear with this slim, textured tie or this classic poplin shirt, whereas these 5-pocket, slim fit chinos and this contrast sleeve tee are the way to go if you’re looking to try out some Lavender in your everyday looks.

Lavender Shirt    Lavender Tee

Lavender Tie Lavender Trousers

By the looks of things, this is yet another colour that everyone will be wearing this summer. Want to get yourself a head start? Get your hands on items like these Quay sunglasses or washed chino shorts that work perfectly to compliment an already-great outfit, or use this colour to make your outfit great with pieces like this Friend or Faux printed vest or these star-print swim shorts. Whichever look you decide is best for you, be sure to expect more than a few second looks when sporting it this summer.

Purple Vest Purple Shorts

Purple Star Shorts Purple Sunglasses

So, what are your thoughts on this year’s SS15 colour trends?

Will you be adding any of these colours to your wardrobe next season?

Let me know in the comments below!