Style Spotlight: Superstar Supercolor Collection – Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals

It was announced a while back that music sensation Pharrell Williams would be teaming up with adidas for a line of their Superstar trainers – and, now that they’ve been released, we can see that this collaboration was an amazing one. Here’s a little bit more on the collection, and why you should add a pair (or maybe a few) to your wardrobe.



First introduced in 1969, the Superstars quickly became one of adidas’ most popular and recognisable pieces, and it wasn’t long before their famous rubber-shell toe design became iconic in the world of sneakers. Various incarnations have hit the shelves over the years, but nothing quite on the same scale as the new Supercolor line. Pharrell Williams joined forces with adidas back in 2014 and has since released quite a few pieces, with this new take on adidas’ classic trainer being the latest.

So, why should a pair of Superstars be the newest addition to your wardrobe?

Long Lasting Style

As said earlier, the Superstars are a classic trainer, and have been widely recognised across the world for over 45 years. This classic appeal will ensure that your trainers stay in fashion for years to come, and will never have to be pushed aside in favour of the latest trend.


Particularly in the last few years, trainers have become far more prevalent in the world of fashion. Almost overnight, a pair of shoes that would only ever have been worn for sports or comfort, suddenly became an essential in a fashion-forward man’s wardrobe. Whether you wear them for a night out with your friends, or use them to add some Sports Luxe style to your work suit, trainers are currently a go-to piece for almost every event.


“Supercolor is a celebration of equality through diversity. With 50 colors of the Superstar, everybody will be able to select his or her color. It is more diverse than any pack ever before and therefore it is more individual than any pack ever before.”

– Pharrell

You can’t really put it any better than that. With a huge selection of colours, you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for your style and for any occasion.

My Top Picks

Bliss CoralBold BlueLab Green Pride PinkSemi Solar YellowSuper Purple

You can shop the rest of the Supercolor collection here.

So, will you be purchasing a pair of Supercolors?

Which colour will you go for?

Let me know in the comments below!


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