My Top Tips: How to Travel In Style

Whether you’re planning a weekend away this Easter, or simply want to be prepared for this year’s Summer vacation, here are my top tips to ensure you have everything you need to travel and that you look good doing so.

1) Suitcase Sophistication

Suitcase Black Suitcase Dogstooth Suitcase Red

This is a problem that affects most people out there, and overcoming it is one of the keys to looking stylish when travelling: old suitcases. People can go decades without replacing their suitcases, and rightly so. I mean, if it still works then why get rid of it? This is true to some extent. You don’t need a new set of suitcases when you go on vacation, but if you want to look good when you do then its a huge step in the right direction – a set of matching luggage in an on-trend colour or style will make you stand out instantly. I would recommend opting for a fabric suitcase rather than hard, as it often looks far more sophisticated.  However, if you decide to go for a hard case, find one in a darker shade with a minimalist design.t. Unless you’re moving, try to stick to no more than two suitcases – a large one and a small one – along with your carry on, as any more would be difficult to carry about.

2) Carry-on Some Style

Carry On Black  Carry On Floral  

As well as your suitcases, a fashionable carry-on bag is important in achieving style success when travelling. There are tons more options with the carry-on than there are with suitcases, and its important that you pick one that compliments the rest of your luggage, fits your style, and fits all of your stuff too. Some retailers offer carry-ons that match your suitcases entirely, which can look great but can also be a bit over the top sometimes – its up to you to decide on that one as each individual case is different. However, if you do decide to go for a bag that doesn’t completely match, I’d recommend a duffle bag/holdall. They come in a ton of different sizes and colours, meaning that you can easily find one that fits everything you need it to and that looks good with the rest of your luggage. A duffle bag is also the perfect alternative for your suitcase when going on short trips, and it is definitely worth looking into getting yourself one.

3) Comfort is Key

Asos Coat Blue Jeans Blue Jumper

Once you have your bags out of the way, the main thing you have left to worry about is what you’ll actually wear to travel in. Again, this is very much down to your own personal situation. For example, a business trip with your work colleagues will require you to dress more formal, whereas a family vacation will see you opt for something more casual. However, no matter how you dress, it is important to remember to be comfortable, especially if you’ll be travelling for a long period of time. Try pieces such as jumpers, cardigans etc. and go for a suit that has already been worn in when dressing more formal, and go for your favourite pair of jeans when a casual outfit is more appropriate. A statement jacket should definitely be considered either way as it is likely the piece that will be seen the most. Keeping everything else fairly muted is a great way to help this piece stand out, but other statement pieces that compliment it such as shirts and shoes can work just as well. Finally, be sure to accessorize appropriately depending on your destination – don’t forget your sunglasses when headed towards the equator, and pack yourself an umbrella when visiting places within the UK.

So, are you planning a trip away any time soon?

How will you make sure that you look good whilst you’re travelling?

Let me know in the comments below!


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