Spring Essential: The Rain Mac

With April showers soon to be on their way, its time that you prepared yourself with some spring essentials – and what better place to start than with a classic rain coat? With various styles and retailers out there, here’s all you need to know when shopping for this much needed piece.


1) Classic

Classic Black Classic Blue

           Classic Yellow Classic Navy

Following the rain mac’s return to the world of fashion last year, classic colours and styles led the comeback. With the trend still going strong now in SS15, these classic styles carry a sort of retro-old school feel that will fit nicely into any wardrobe and allows you to wear the jacket for seasons to come and still look cool, even when other trends take its place on the runway. For a truly retro style, go for one with a matte finish in either yellow, blue or black, or experiment with different colours and high-shine textures for a look that may be better suited to your own personal style.

2) Printed

               Printed Blue Printed Khaki

 Printed StarsPrinted Space

Prints have been huge in men’s fashion recently, from aztec to space-print to florals, each season finds a new pattern dominating the runways. Over the past few seasons, the rain mac has been one of the first pieces to receive the new print treatment, SS15 being no exception. These particular jackets are designed to make a statement, and will do so best when paired with neutral pieces, allowing them to stand out.

3) Transparent

Transparent Black Transparent Blue

Transparent Clear

A much more modern and edgy take on the classic rain mac, transparent variations have popped in tons of different stores, and are a great way of adding some individuality to your outfits. Fully clear styles can work both as a statement piece when worn with neutral tones, or can be the perfect way to showcase a show-stopping shirt, jumper etc. whilst still keeping dry. Tinted rain macs don’t carry the same flexibility, but are even more eye-catching, and look great with different shades of the jacket’s colour. Topman are really the place to go to for these, with a small collection of transparent and semi-transparent choices just waiting for you.

Things to Remember

1) There are two different types of rain macs out there: quality ones that are meant to last, and cheaper ones that are made for short use and meant to be disposed of afterwards. If you’re looking for protection from the rain for the whole season, you want the first kind, whereas if you’re looking for an easy way to stay dry at a camping trip or a festival, the second kind may be more what you’re after.

2) Something that needs to be kept in mind more concerning chunkier, clear jackets – plastic scratches. This may sound a bit silly, but it is important to remember to be careful with these kinds of jackets as scratches show up quite badly and can easily ruin the jacket’s polished, modern style.

3) Unlike other jackets, rain macs are there first and foremost to protect you from the rain, not to keep you warm. Because of this, you’ll find yourself wearing at least a few layers underneath it, and need to make sure that your jacket will fit over these. If you have any doubts about whether it will or won’t, you may want to try it on in store or consider ordering one size bigger than you usually would.

So, what kind of rain mac will you be hiding under when the rain hits this spring?

What other rainy-day items would you consider ‘spring essentials’?

Let me know in the comments below!


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