Spectacular Spectacles: Which Sunglasses Should You Be Wearing This Summer?

With SS15 finally here, I myself cannot help but look forward to what will hopefully be a warm summer, and I’m sure there are plenty of you out there in the same boat. However, with our daydreams soon to become reality, it is time that we began investing in some summer fashion essentials, starting with the perfect pair of sunglasses! With countless shapes and styles, which should you go for this season?


1) Wayfarers

Wayfarer Black Wayfarer Clear

     Wayfarer Green   Wayfarer Tortoiseshell

Since they were first introduced over 50 years ago, the Wayfarers have become the most popular style of sunglasses out there. Available in pretty much any colour you can think of, these glasses along with their classic style will fit easily into any wardrobe. While they do suit most, disregard what you heard about Wayfarers suiting all face types. Their lenses are slightly smaller than those of other styles, and, because of this, I wouldn’t recommend them to those of you with oblong shaped faces as they may make your features look too small, throwing off the overall balance of your face.

2) Aviators

Aviators Black   Aviators Bronze

 Aviators Gold  Aviators Blue Tint

A close second to the Wayfarers in terms of popularity, the Aviators offer the same classic style with an added vintage twist. Their teardrop shaped lenses are best suited to those of you with square, diamond or oval shaped faces, whereas those with diamond and round faces are best suited to something else. With their frames usually made out of metal, I’d recommend sticking to classic colours such as black or silver. However, feel free to experiment with the colour of the lenses when looking for a pair to fit your style.

3) Round Lens

Round Black Green Round Silver

Round Silver 2   Round Tortoiseshell

Quirky, retro and stylish, round lens sunglasses are bang-on trend right now, with the fashion of the ’70s making a huge comeback. As for which face types should be wearing these glasses, the same rules apply as with the Aviators. Whether you go for a classic pair, or one of the more modern variations that are out there right now, these glasses are bound to add personality to your looks this summer.

4) Square Lens

Square Black 1 Square Black 2

  Square Black 3 Square Grey

Perhaps the most under-appreciated style of glasses here, square lens sunglasses are not very common, but, worn right, can look amazing. Their square-shape give them a look that’s both retro yet modern, and that is perfect for those of you with rounder faces, as the sharp angles provide the face with some balance. To match the feel of the glasses, avoid shades of brown and muted colours, and go for something sleek like black, grey, navy etc. or something in a bright shade.

Things to Remember

1) Try Before You Buy: You should always try on a pair of sunglasses in store before you buy them. There’s no certain way of telling whether you like them or not when buying online, and certain is exactly what you want to be before buying.

2) Oval Faces Need Not Worry: People with oval-shapes faces are very lucky when it comes to sunglasses as their face shape suits pretty much every shape of glasses out there. However, they should be wary if buying Aviators – go for a pair that doesn’t droop too low as you’ll risk making your face look too long

3) (Almost) Every Rule Has It’s Exceptions: If you see a pair of glasses that you love, but your face type isn’t recommended for them, don’t feel as if you can’t wear them. All the things said here are nothing more than suggestions. Find them in store, try them on, and decide for yourself whether they suit you or not. After all, fashion is all about self-expression and what you feel comfortable in.

4) Don’t Limit Yourself: If you like two different pairs, but can’t decide which style you like better or which one is better suited to your style, there’s nothing wrong with buying both. Feel free to invest in as many different styles as you like.

5) Designer Sunglasses May Be Worth It: Although this article, like most on this blog, focuses on highstreet products, it may be worth investing in a pair of designer sunglasses. They’re more expensive but are likely to last you a while longer.

6) Sports Glasses and Novelty Glasses Are a No: This is one rule that has no exceptions. Keep your sports glasses for sports and your novelty glasses for stag-do’s, hen nights etc. Neither should be worn as your everyday glasses, unless your goal is to look ridiculous.

So, which type of sunglasses will you be wearing this summer?

Have any other tips to remember when buying sunglasses?

Let me know in the comments below!


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