Essential Attire: The Foundations of a Perfect Wardrobe

As the new SS season gets under way, fashion-forward fellows all across the country are adding last minute pieces to their spring wardrobes, and, while the new, in-trend pieces may be what steal the show, their outfits could not survive without these essential pieces.

1) Timeless Tees

T-Shirt Grey V-Neck T-Shirt White Slim

T-Shirt White V-Neck   T-Shirt Black

Crew-neck or V-neck, slim-fit or regular, the plain, short sleeve tee is a must for men everywhere. The options are endless; take a laidback approach and keep it on its own, dress it up with a blazer for something more semi-formal, or layer it up with your favourite shirts, jackets and knitwear. Invest in colours such as white, grey and black for a selection that will still work for years after purchase.

2) The Statement Jacket

Denim Jacket Dark Denim Jacket Light

Leather Biker Jacket Leather Jacket

Whether you go for leather, denim, or both, a statement jacket of at least one sort needs a place in your wardrobe. Both pieces simply ooze personality and either one will work perfectly as a cherry-on-top for any outfit. Fit is key with both types; your jacket should be snug, making nothing but straight lines – if it drapes and creases then the fit is not right. Finally, make sure the sleeves are not too long and, to ensure it survives the trends of countless seasons to come, go for a classic colour.

3) Dependable Denim

Jeans Light Blue Tapered

Jeans Mid Slim  Jeans Mid Blue Spray On Skinny

An undeniable essential, there is no excuse for not having a signature pair of jeans in your wardrobe. There are tons of different jeans out there – from loose-fit to spray-on skinny, you should go for whatever type best suits your style and body type. Each and every style has the potential to look great, however, in order for them to fulfil their potential, there are a few things you should remember: body type is key – anything looser than slim-fit or tapered on someone with really skinny legs will look off, and anything tighter than those on someone with larger hips/legs will not work either; belts should only ever be worn as an accessory – if your jeans fit you right then you will not need one; and, again, you should keep to classic colours – you cannot go wrong with a pair of blue jeans, however, a black or grey pair could work just as well.

4) Your Favourite Jumper

Knitwear Blue Cardigan Knitwear Grey Cable Jumper

Knitwear Maroon Black Jumper  Knitwear Stone Ribbed Jumper

Cosy and comforting, a reliable jumper may not be everybody’s first thought when they hear the phrase ‘wardrobe essentials’, but their versatility and all-year-round appeal make them a much-needed addition to your closet. Unlike other essential items, there are not really any rules with knitwear, and there are probably more choices here than with any other piece here. From easy to dress-up  V-neck and crew-neck sweaters, to casual, chunky cable-knits the choice is completely down to you. I myself like to keep my wardrobe stocked with a few different pieces, button-up cardigans being a personal favourite, and I advise you to do the same. Again, when looking for pieces that will survive ever-changing trends, opt for neutral colours, with ones such as grey, navy, maroon and beige working best.

5) Calm, Casual Kicks

Shoes Navy Trainers Shoes Suede Brogues

Shoes Suede Loafers  Shoes White Trainers

The perfect pair of shoes can easily take your outfit from fairly forgettable to outright perfection! Because of this, no man’s wardrobe should be without a pair of stylish, casual footwear. The more semi-formal dressers out there might want to invest in a pair of loafers or suede brogues, whereas trainers, plimsolls and espadrilles work perfectly for a more laidback style. When looking for casual shoes, go for something that is comfortable, and try to avoid patterns or bright colours for long lasting style.

So, which one of these pieces do you get the most use out of?

Are there any others that you think should be classes as ‘wardrobe essentials’?

Let me know in the comments below!


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