SS15 Key Piece: The Bomber Jacket

Over the last few years, the bomber jacket has become somewhat of a staple of men’s fashion. From the catwalks to the highstreet, they’re pretty much everywhere, and  they will continue to be this SS15. But, what type of bomber jacket should you be rocking this season? Let’s take a look at the options…

1) The Classic Bomber

Classic Bomber Blue

Classic Bomber Red Classic Bomber White

Although now a bit common, the classic bomber jacket remains a stylish and versatile addition to any wardrobe. Its sleek, adaptable design has kept it in style these past few seasons and SS15 promises that they won’t be heading anywhere anytime soon. Often found in neutral colours such as black, navy etc. , they can complement nearly any outfit and are great for pretty much all occasions. Embrace SS15 even more, and get yourself a classic bomber in one of this season’s top colours.

2) The Printed Bomber

Patterned Bomber Patwork  Patterned Bomber Floral

 Jersey Bomber Print

If you’re looking for something a little less-safe than the classic bomber, then look no further. With everything from florals to camouflage, you will have no trouble finding a bomber jacket with a pattern to match your look. Try an all-over print if you want to make a big statement, or keep the madness to just the sleeves or body for something that’s still fun but doesn’t draw too much attention.

3) The Jersey Bomber

Jersey Bomber Navy 

Jersey Bomber Texture Patterned Bomber Palm Trees

Casual and comfortable, the last type of bomber jacket on this list keeps the same stylish design as a regular bomber, but mixes it with the same warmth and coziness of your favourite hoodie or sweatshirt. Available both in classic colours and exciting prints, the jersey bomber is the go-to jacket for this season’s more chilly days, and will easily give your casual style a much more fashionable edge.

Where to Buy:


ASOS probably offer more bomber jackets right now than any other retailer and do so in a range of different colours and fabrics, with quite a few prints too. Their prices are as expected, starting at around £38 for a regular bomber and £20 for a jersey one. I bought myself a reversible bomber from ASOS a while back – it looks amazing, its extremely comfortable and the quality is amazing. The service was also great, with quick delivery and an extremely easy way to return any unwanted items. If their current range is anything similar then I would definitely recommend them.


Topman do not offer as many colours as ASOS do and only a few prints but some of their prices are better, with their classic grey bomber currently only £30. On top of that, they offer an obvious advantage  over ASOS, with customers being able to visit the store and try on the jacket before they decide to purchase it. As with most products at Topman, these bombers seem to be of high quality and their reviews say the same thing.


With prices ranging from around £40-£60, Zara’s selection of bomber jackets are a bit more expensive than those at ASOS and Topman. However, they may well be worth the extra price, with a range of prints not found at any other retailer and various different textures from faux leather and suede to satin. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with your bomber, then Zara may well be the place to go.

So, will we see you sporting a bomber jacket this season?

Which jacket type/retailer would you recommend?

Let me know in the comments below!


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